137, High Street, Southampton, SO14 2BS.

Open every day 1200 to 0200.

Probably one of the most popular Southampton private party venues, at Oasis we hire you the whole ground floor venue complete with patio area right on the High Street against a potentially fully refundable deposit, or you can reserve part of the venue for which we make a small non-refundable charge. We're licensed for 120 people, but to be honest around 100 is more comfortable. We're happy to re-arrange the furniture to suit, let you put up your decorations and do your own catering. 

The smaller print:

Bar Availability: The bar will be available to you from 8pm through to the end of licensed hours, so our daytime customers can enjoy an early evening drink before we ask them to leave.We need 30 minutes to clean the place down and rearrange the furniture so please tell guests not to arrive earlier than 8pm - and if it's a surprise party, the 'surprisee' should be asked to arrive after 8.30pm. You may bring decorations, food etc. in before that - we will keep them in the storage area and bring them out after we have cleaned down the bar area and set up for your function. 


FULL VENUE HIRE: (100 people max)
We require a deposit of £250 for a whole venue booking. We will provide a DJ, who will play your choice of music, and our friendly but firm door staff who will ensure your night is not spoiled. If your guests spend £1500 across the bar, we'll give you the deposit back. (Please understand that we will enforce this condition. In our experience you need a minimum of around 80 to 90 guests to be confident that you will get your money back. We reserve the right to open the bar to the public if your actual number of guests is insufficient.)


If there's not enough of you to fill the venue, we are happy to reserve enough space and tables to make sure your group can get together for a great night out. We can provide a DJ by arrangement, subject to payment. Our staff will ensure other customers do not spoil or interfere with your event.


Just let us know when you're coming and we'll reserve space for you, assuming the venue isn't booked for a private party.



We do not accept bookings for 18th Birthdays.

Please note that the laws regarding the consumption and supply of alcohol still apply to private functions and will be enforced, including the need for ID if you are under 25. If you are suspected of using controlled drugs on our premises you will be ejected. Persons under 18 are allowed into the premises but must be away from the premises by 9pm.

No exceptions, even if it is your party.

And Finally:  We know this makes us miserable gits, but no live bands and no party poppers or paper/plastic confetti. We have yet to meet a drummer that understands "don't hit them so hard please" and we have to think of our neighbours and guests in the hotel across the road. The confetti takes ages to clear up and can stain the floor.